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Thread: Hobby lobby 64mm Mig 15

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    Hobby lobby 64mm Mig 15

    Is there any problem with removing the drop tanks and landing the Mig without them. I did install some covers to protect the servo control rods and control horns. There is a plastic plate on the bottom of the nose. The reason I removed them is seems like about every 3rd flight seem to have one pull off on landing and beleive me have cleaned all surfaces before regluing and have applied enough glue using Gorilla foam safe glue. So just need to know if it is okay like I said to land without the tanks. Thanks


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    Re: Hobby lobby 64mm Mig 15

    No problem at all doing that, just make sure your servo arms are protected like you did and you'll be fine. Less drag = more speed too.


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    Re: Hobby lobby 64mm Mig 15


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