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Thread: Different size parts on TPlus

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    Different size parts on TPlus

    Just started putting everything together.. Noticed a few issues..
    1) the rear wheel plate was drilled a bit off center. it doesn't line up properly with the rudder. Making the hole bigger allows you to line up with the rudder better.
    2) the rear wheel rudder pin needs a much larger (1/8inch perhaps) hole in the rudder to fit properly
    3) the ailerons pins leave a fairly large 1/2 inch gap between the wing and aileron. you'll need to drill deeper to get them in.
    4) the bolt holes in the plates that cover the landing gear wire are to small for the allen bolts, I need to drill them out
    5) my wings's servo pull through ropes were actually taped to far in. I had to rethread, no biggie.
    I'm installing the elevators tonight. hopefully the rest will go smooth.
    Normally I don't complain much, but this is a $350 ARF. I've built about 10 different kinds of planes, i'd expect tolerances to be a bit better with this one.

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    Re: Different size parts on TPlus

    I would have to agree with the above post. I too wish the kit was a little bit more refined (HL needs to tweak it just a little).....Just take a look at 3D Hobby Shop or Precision Aerobatics kits! All that being said.....I still love that HL is still providing us with the best flying plane in the world! :D

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