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Thread: RCSpeedo - A RC Speedometer App for iOS and Android!

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    RCSpeedo - A RC Speedometer App for iOS and Android!


    Hey guys! A friend and I developed a speedometer app for iOS and Android called RCSpeedo. It is a simple to use app that allows your mobile device to "listen" for RC aircraft passes and announce the pass speed. Furthermore, the app also can log and export all of your pass data via email so that you can review it later. This works great if you want to analyze how modifying a feature of your aircraft has on its speed.

    Right now, the app works best with hi-RPM, hi-blade count propulsion systems (EDFs, pylon racers, pusher jets, and similar airplanes). However, we are actively working on updating the app to "detect" more aircraft, as well as brainstorming some additional features.

    We would love some feedback from the community on features you would like to see in future builds, or any suggestions that you may have!

    We also have a free computer version of the app on our website. We are updating it constantly with new features, so check our site for updates!


    Some general information on the app:

    Turn your mobile device into an RC airplane speedometer!

    Listen and fly! RCSpeedo will relay airplane pass speeds vocally after each pass.

    Fully featured pass logging and email export!

    RC Speedo is a speedometer app for EDF's, pylon racers, pushers, and other hi-speed electric radio-controlled airplanes. The application works by performing doppler analysis on the sound of an RC airplane passing in front of the mobile device’s microphone. This method of finding an RC aircraft's speed was pioneered by RC enthusiasts over the past couple of years to accurately calculate the speed of a radio-controlled airplane with nothing but a clean sound clip of the airplane making a speed run past the pilot.

    With RC Speedo the process is greatly simplified: just bring your phone to the field and hit "listen". As you make passes with your favorite airplane, the app will report your speeds back to you in real time!

    The iOS RC Speedo App runs on iPhone 3, iPhone4 and iPod Touch Gen 4. RCSpeedo requires the device to have a built in microphone in order to operate.

    The RC Speedo App works best with electric RC aircraft that have hi-RPM, hi-blade count propulsion systems. This includes EDFs, pylon racers, pusher jets, and similar airplanes. RC Speedo currently will NOT work on planes that are extremely quiet, operate at low RPM's, turbines, most nitro planes, and obviously planes with no propulsion system at all. It also cannot detect anything moving slower than 25 MPH. Future versions may support some of these aircraft types so keep checking back!

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    Re: RCSpeedo - A RC Speedometer App for iOS and Android!


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