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Thread: Rebel 70

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    Rebel 70

    Was wondering really like the way the Rebel 70 looks and all but seems every review I read about it the front nose gear mounting cracks and the fuselage cracks behind the pilot. People that have bought it have complained about it being springy. One other thing was the way the battery hatch is on the bottom. I have the J5 which is a nice plane just is a bit of a pain sometimes to get the hatch closed on it getting the wires all in. Was wondering if these issues have been addressed. Thanks


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    Re: Rebel 70

    Hi Jim,
    I guess it all just depends on your preference. The nose gear is perfectly strong enough for normal and some harder landings. The people that are complaining are bouncing it in with a bad landing approach causing the plane to climb, stall, and essentially crash land at downward angle breaking the nose gear. On any plane, if you crash land, likely something is going to break. The battery hatch design has been around for a long time and is proven. It may not be the fastest way, but it is not as tight as the Cub latch and should be easier to move the arms into place. Hope this helps.


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