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Thread: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

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    Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    My friend and I bought two of these planes. Both planes are built stock with the reccommended AXI 4120 and a 6S 5000MA pack
    and I have some questions. First is balance, to balance this plane with the 5000MA pack as far forward as it will go it will take
    another two lb's plus to balance the plane at the rear CG. Second, the web page says that the ready to fly weight is 9 lb's but
    these two planes weigh over 10.5 lb's with one battery. If you balance the plane it will weigh close to 13 lb's. What is any body
    else seeing for weight and balance.


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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    I used a DLE 20 gasser with ignition and 2000ma 4.8v battery under the hatch behind the firewall. Firewall was doubled with solid 1/4" plywood and lots of epoxy.
    Used 2-2000ma 6v packs for the receiver and located the radio/battery above the bottom hatch behind the landing gear. The gas tank sits directly over the landing gear. Plane weight is around 13 lbs with a dry 16oz fuel tank and balances perfectly. Haven't flown it yet but plans are for Tuesday morning. The thing is this ARF kit is about the worst in quality I have ever seen. Glue joints were hit or miss for the most part and I hope I got enough glue repair done for this thing to stay together. The covering job sucked as well with lots of wrinkling and a couple of place where the covering did not completely cover the wood. Ailerons and flaps are warped as is the front hatch cover. I spent the better part of a week trying to straighten the parts. If I had it to do over, I would probably build a kit and cover it myself. I'm still not sure what the PLUS is on this kit except maybe the 2 piece wings.
    FWIW, the last Hanger 9 ARF I got was no better either, twisted Fuse and poor glue joints, junk hardware.

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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    I will have to agree about the overall quality, reminds me of some of the ARF's I built 25 years ago. If I had of seen the quality before I bought it
    I wouldn't have bought it. There is one thing you need to be aware of, especially since you are running a gas motor. Take the hatch off and look
    at the first former behind the wing tube. Mine was broke on one side and I couldn't figure out why until I realized that they left the horizontal side pieces out for that one former that every other one in the plane has. This former sees any twisting loads that the wing generates and it will just snap due to nothing to stop it from flexing under load. I cut some 1.5mm ply and made the set of horizontal pieces that the factory left out and slid them in between the covering and the former and CA'd them in place. Adds a lot of strength when the former can't flex.


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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    Hey Capman,
    I believe you spoke with Mike Hines here who helped you out with the CG information. There is a huge range that we neglected to put in the manual, but we will fix that. The range can go back 6-1/4" so you shouldn't need to add any lead to get it to balance.


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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    Thanks Jason, that makes me feel a lot better and 2" on this airplane with the long tail moment translates into a lot of weight on the nose.
    I sent mike some pictures that you might want to look at.


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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    Just wanted to update my earlier post. Hobby Lobby replaced the fuselage that had the broken former in it and provided a return shipping label for the first one. You can't fault service like this and it's nice to see some one that will support their products. Thanks Mike & Jason!!!


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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    Took our senior telecaster out for the maiden flight this weekend. Only had it up a short period of time to shake it out a bit. But on weight and balance we are at about 16.4 lbs on the flight line. Powered with an AXI 4130/20 with an ICE 75 BEC. Two 4 cell, 5800 mAh lipo's provide the power. They are wired in series and mounted on top each other. I widened And strengthened the bulkhead between the cockpit area and under the wings so the batteries can be placed full forward or full rear to allow us to balance the plane as well as accept a second set of dual 4 cells for extended flight times. We are slightly nose heavy with this right now but still flew great. Once we load in the cameras and transmitters in the rear, we should be just about perfect.

    It flew great. As I'm new to this whole thing, the club trainer took it up for the maiden flight. He loved it and said the hardest part was landing it. It didn't want to come down.

    He didn't try really hard but said it didn't want to barrel roll. But the loops were no problem. Didn't even have to have it at half throttle to keep it flying nice.

    This was the ARF yellow senior. It is the first plane I've put together and I did several mods to it. Including maximizing the battery space, designing a sliding battery tray, and adding wing bolts to get rid of the rubber band. It's such a great feeling to see it actually fly and land without a hitch!

    My only real complaint with it right now are the screws attaching the horns. I think they are way too short and I'm a bit leery of them pulling out of the control surfaces. I'd will probably replace them with longer screws that go all the way through and can attach to a back plate.

    This week the Search & Rescue lettering goes on the bottom wings and the cameras get added.



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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    This is going back some dates, but I am just checking the CG on my teley Plus. After checking the CG, it looks like I'm going to need almost 2 lbs of weight on the nose. I am using an .80 Rimfire with , with a 6s 5000 30C battery. I have put 2 Senior teley's together, and never had to use that much weight before. Is there something wrong with the balance of the fuselage its self. Since this is a new plane for Hobby-Lobby, could the whole plane be out of balance?

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    Re: Telemaster Plus Balance and Weight

    Forget the weight. You can go back as far as 6-1/4" or more and still be fine. Huge CG range on this plane.

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