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Thread: Extra "Hatch Cover" for the Plus?

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    Extra "Hatch Cover" for the Plus?

    Just received my HUGE Senior Telemaster Plus this past friday. I just finished unboxing it and looking over the parts for damage.
    I did notice a wrinkle in the fuselage covering, upon further examination, it's an actual broken square frame piece. I took pics of it and will contact HL Monday. Aside from this and a few extra "need to be glued" areas, it arrived good. I can't wait to begin assembly.

    I did notice a second lower hatch. It has a padded frame for something. My question is, what is this something that goes on the hatch?

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    Re: Extra "Hatch Cover" for the Plus?

    I was told it is for mounting a camera. I got one too but there is no padding. Make sure when seating the vertical stab that you dry fit several times to make sure the tab fits all the way down in the fuse. Also pay attention to the elevator coupler. The screws in mine stripped easily and would not hold a set.

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    Re: Extra "Hatch Cover" for the Plus?

    Bullethole had a bad coupler, but the rest of them have been great and work perfectly.

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    Re: Extra "Hatch Cover" for the Plus?

    i'll add that HL replaced the broken fuselage in two days. Great Service

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