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Thread: Highland Lakes Flyers Event

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    Highland Lakes Flyers Event

    A nice email from good friend Mike McDougall:

    The Hobby-Lobby J-5 Cub was the hit of our recent club event. Trying to fly on the buddy box was the only requirement to be eligible for the prize drawing for the J-5. We had 36 youth that we were able to buddy box during the day. Our winner was 12 year-old Brenden Carey from Magnolia, Texas. As you can see from the big smile, he was very happy with his new plane! His brothers were pretty happy as well!

    Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to Hobby Lobby for helping to make our community training event such a big success. I also attached a picture of my Hobby Lobby EDF fleet that was used for demo flights throughout the day.

    Please accept my personal thanks for helping me once again.

    Mike McDougall
    VP, Highland Lakes Flyers
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    Re: Highland Lakes Flyers Event


    Thanks for starting the posts here on HL's Forum. People here are still talking about the fun they had at our event.

    I'd like to comment on the J5 Cub ARF. I put it together and trimmed it out before our event and I was impressed with the plane. The only problem I had with the build was that the ESC was blocking the battery area. I was able to slide the ESC forward into the motor area and that solved the problem. The power system was SUPER! That brushless motor has tons of power. The J5 flies really well. It can fly nice and gentle or you can toss it around like a true aerobat. Just remember to carry a little power into the landings to keep the airspeed up a tad and don't get too slow. Great Cub HL!


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    Re: Highland Lakes Flyers Event

    Just an added note of thanks to Hobby Lobby for helping to make our event the best one ever! Lots of youngsters and a lot of oldsters had a great day!

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