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Thread: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

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    Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    Hey guys,
    We're running a contest/raffle right here in the Hobby Lobby forum. Here's the details:

    What: We want to hear to your best crash stories and we're willing to giveaway a brand new Rebel 70 jet to hear them.

    How: All you have to do is sign up on our forum and post your story right here in this thread. If you have photos and videos, post them as well. At the end of the contest, we'll use a random number generator to select the winner. One entry per person.

    When: You can post now through August 1st. The Winner will be announced in this thread on August 2nd. Post away, we can't wait to hear your story!

    Congrats Jeff Nickles!

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading all the cool crash stories Stayed tuned, more fun contests and prizes coming soon.

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    I'll start. My entry doesn't count, just wanted to share my story.

    Two years ago at SEFF, the event guys are setting up for the combat event. Our Owner looked at me and said "Hey Jason, Why don't you grab a jet and go enter?" I was like, "Really!" he said yes, so I snatched up an EPO F5 Tigershark and walked over to the flightline with a grin on my face. I figured this would be the last flight on that plane! The launch horn blast and I throttled up and away. It was the first time I had ever seen an EDF jet in a combat event and people were laughing and amazed. Well, try as I might, it didn't get hit, nor hit anyone after a 3 or 4 minutes of flying in the fur ball. I decided it was time for some fun so I climbed way up high out of the pack and proceeded to perform a kamikaze run, straight down through the pack at full throttle. Didn't hit a thing, but slammed it straight in to the ground at about 80+ MPH. Lots of laughs and comments from the crowd. EPO is tough stuff, and while the nose was severely crumpled and broken off, we took a water bottled and turned it into a new nose, and it still flew! Lots of fun that day and proves that sometimes you can CRASH on purpose.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    well it was about 6 years ago I had bought a lanier shrike.49 with a norvel 61 in it for 50.00...well nobody had metionedwhat condition the battery was in so I go home charge it and put a receiver in it and go fly...with this plane I loved to do I speed dives, I think it went 140mph..well after the forth flight I was full throttle in a dive and having a blast my battery died.... I have no control and I don't know what to think...the plane hits on the right wingtip and tumples at 140mph we counted the pieces it broke into and it was no less the 50.... But about a month later me and my dad got to lookin at it and started piecing it back together just out of curiousity, and after three days of piecing, it was all back together and I took it too a flee market and sold it for maybe 20.00...

    that's my most intensive crash
    Michael Hornbaker

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST


    My name is Anthony Beeler, I just graduated from high school, and am about to start college at Nation Aviation Academy!
    My crash story started earily in my senior year at high school this year. For my sneior project I wanted to commit to the best senior project my school has ever seen! I decided to design, build, and program, my very own original UAV! Long story short, After 5 months of desinging, and building, and $800 in rc gear, and building materials, and UAV brains! Im out for my second test flight of my very own UAV! I remember pointing my senior project (35% of my final grade) into the wind for a rolling take off. I power up, and shes off soaring into the sky, shes flying great, and self stabilizing! I fly a big circle over my head and then for whatever reason I think to my self... "Hey, I should really test how powerful this UAV really is!"... So I turn off the self-stabilizing, and atempt to full power into a vertical stall.. well I get as far as turning off the swich before I relize... Im fling in a cross wind! In the matter of 1.5seconds, I see my senior project, 5+ months of work, and about $800 nose dive into the ground and explode my $300 UAV brain all over the ground...

    Dad was thoughtfull enough to record the "Death of a UAV" for your viewing pleasue!

    Thankfully most of the electronics were ok, including the UAV brain, I went on to build a second plane for my senior project, and yes my school/judges were more than inpressed, and I received a 100% A!!!

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    Several years ago when HL sold the F9F panther (old blue one), i thought that was one of the coolest jets. It went on sale so i grabbed it and had it together in no time. I've never had a good place to fly with pavement so I've always had to rely on the local grass soccer fields/park like many of us. That particular plane didn't have a good place to hand launch so you had to hold it towards the back and hope for the best. The very first time i flew it my panther shot up in the air, stalled, hit the ground and broke into several pieces. We had a good laugh about it, ordered a bunch of parts, rebuilt it and some time later i had up enough nerve to give it another go. So I'm back at the same park and of course there's several kids around that day. I've never been one to like an audience, especially when testing a new plane but i gave it my best shot. They we're way excited and thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever seen. So again i hand launched it and of course it stalls! I frantically tried to save it but it went upside down sped towards the ground and hits one of the kids across the back of the neck! I ran over to see if he was alright and the poor kid is laughing hysterically. I was terrified he was hurt but he was fine and a good sport about it. I apologized 5 times, asked over and over if he was sure he was OK. He was fine and exclaimed, "That was awesome!" Fortunately there were no Moms around that day, if so I'd probably be involved in a lawsuit. I learned the lesson you have to be very careful about your audience, especially kids. They get way excited and chase after your planes. My panther was now in less then awesome shape. It was in at least 5 pieces so i scrapped it and decided it was a sign i just wasn't ready for jets. I've since had much better luck with HL's Saber Jet which is a great flying plane and practically indestructible compared to the old cheap non-epo foam planes. Now I'm ready for something a little bigger and faster.

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    About two years ago I had purchased the F4 phantom mini that Hl sold at the time. It was truely one of my first EDF's that at least got airborne. Well the first, hand launch went about 35 ft and nose dived into the grass, and of course the nose cone was destroyed. I picked up the plane checked the control surfaces and the motor to see if everything else was alright and it appeared it was. I was talking with my son who was standing next to me and of course we were surprised that only the nose cone was damaged. I looked at him, he looked a me and I said well lets see if the thing will fly, sooo I cranked up the motor, again checked the control surfaces and tossed it into the wind. To our surprise it took off and was flying a little tail heavy, well it was actually doing a cobra manuver across the sky in front of us. To my surprise it was actually pretty cool to watch but I realized if I didn't put some down elevator into it, it would stall and fly into the ground. Put some down into it and it took off like it was shot out of a cannon and was flying really great until I did a left turn and started back toward us. This flight back put the plane up over our barn and when it got to that point for some reason as soon as it stared to go over the barn it all of a sudden when straight up and then came straight down and smashed nose first into the roof. It was a good thing it was foam, because it exploded instead of embedding itself into the roof, and grey and white foam went everywhere. The only parts left were the motor, battery, broken servos and tail section. It was a total loss, but we sure had lots of fun and laughs seeing it crash. We talked about it for days afterward.


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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    I had just put floats on my modified Slow Stick...and was dying to fly it....problem was it was just slightly windy. I couldn't stand it anymore and went to a lake with a park down the street. I floated my plane and took it off from the water with grace while an elderly couple sat on the bench beside me watching. Now about 5 minutes into the flight I determined it to be too windy and decided to cut the flight short, however my attemps to make a landing on the water were thwarted everytime by the wind. The solution I figued was to land the plane a on the grass. Again wind came and I had to turn back out over the water to come back for another try. While flying over the water low after pulling around and out from my landing attempt a gust of wind pushed the plane right into the water. a second or two passed and i noticed the wind was driving the plane away from shore. No time to dilly-dally I had to swim for it, so i stripped down to my the way its about 50 degrees out...and run in. keep this in mind, geese love this lake and people dont swim in it for good reason. After swimming about 100 ft off shore I grabbed the plane and swim with it back. While pulling my half naked body out of the water i noticed the shocked look on the older couple sitting on the bench watching this escapade....very embarrassing. It took 4-6 months for the electronics to start working again.

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    Back in 2005 (I think it was 05), I had just gotten back from my 2nd tour in Iraq and had moved to Alabama to go to flight school. I was lucky enough to get to attend my very first RC event, the very first Hodges Hobbies All Electric Fly-in (HHAEFI). At the time, I had been flying RC for about a year. I had no clue what to expect at my first event, but I met a bunch of great guys (Hodge Hounds) and we had a blast. One evening after the "official event" was over for the day, we decided to maiden one of my "fast" planes named the Mauler.

    The Mauler is a 32" or so tailless plane that a good buddy of mine had built from a kit for me. Awesome lookin balsa/foam plane and he did a great job on the build! We put a 3000kv inrunner on it with a 5" prop and a 3S lipo. It all balanced out (or so we thought). Based on my buddies previous failed launch attempts with his Mauler, we decided to bungee launch mine for its maiden.

    One of the fellas busted out his bungee and got it all ready while I installed a hook on the bottom of the plane. After a few more quick checks to make sure it was ready, we hooked it up to the bungee. There must have been 20 people standing around watching this mayhem at the time, and I, with my inexperience, a brand new plane and at my very first event, was fairly nervous.

    We launched the plane, I hit the throttle and the little red beast went screaming through the air at about 100 feet and around 80mph or so. It was wobbling back and forth so bad I could barely hang on! I fought it for about half a traffic pattern. I announced that I thought it was tail heavy still but I figured I could bring it around and land it. I was sweating by now and still fighting this tail heavy speedster. I brought it around from base to final and was setting up to land it. Of course, I was praying that it would survive and that I wouldnt give my new plane a dirt nap at my very first event in front of a bunch of new, and old, buddies.

    I set the Mauler up on final approach, somehow my newbie thumbs were still hanging on to this wildly swaying airplane. I cut the throttle, and the plane, now at about 50 feet, abruptly rolled onto its back and aimed itself right at the ground! I gave it all I had trying to recover, my little newbie fingers were flailing wildly, but it wasnt even close to enough. The Mauler was doomed. It shot at the ground like a errant lawn dart. BAM! It hit. About 50 feet from where we were all standing. And about 3 feet, YES I SAID 3 FEET, from a family that was sitting in their chairs under an easy up! I nearly soiled myself it was so close to them. I can only imagine what went through their heads as this plane came screaming in right at their feet with all of us yelling "LOOK OUT!".

    Of course, those of you who know me, know that I cant seem to do anything "halfway". When the Mauler hit that insanely hard ground that Mac has out there at Hodges Hobbies, it stuck! Yes, this balsa and foam plane dug its nose about 4" into that clay and just stood there! It hit so hard that the motor was ripped apart. The motor can was laying on the ground and the prop and motor guts were still on the plane!

    I went to assess the damage and apologize to the family whom I had nearly killed and the guys grabbed me... "DUDE! DONT MOVE IT!!! WE GOTTA GET MAC TO SEE THIS!!!!" So, off they went. A couple minutes later they returned with Mac himself in tow. Even Mr Hodges himself could not believe that my plane had stuck like that. We were all amazed.

    Now, to this day, the pictures from that fateful day at my very first RC event haunt me. About once a month, one of "the guys" will dig up a photo of the Mauler and post it somewhere. In fact, just two days ago, in the HHAEFI thread it was posted once again. Dang that Mauler!

    So, here, for your viewing pleasure is a picture Lmopar69's Mauler Lawn Dart from HHAEFI V-1.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lawn Dart.jpg  

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    As a beginner in this hobby I have made many mistakes, none greater than flying one day without realizing the danger of a bank of fog moving in. As I watched in numb incapacity my first and only plane disappeared into the mist. The flying field is surrounded on all sides by woods and most of it is swamp and impenetrable. I tried increasing power and holding a gentle pressure on the left rudder and up elevator but I was literally "flying blind". A few moments later, or was it an eternity, I was able to hear the motor, it was now directly in front of me but still invisible somewhere over the creek and a mass of very tall trees. Then the sound of the motor faded and I knew all was lost. I cut the transmitter and began the search. Hours later, soaked and bitten up I returned home in a very dark mood. To make a long story short, while I had just about given up on this stupid hobby and posting all my stuff on Craigslist I continued to make myself miserable in a futile search through this horrid woods. Weeds taller than me, trees that looked 100ft tall, snakes, deer, groundhogs, and biting insects intent on devouring every inch of my flesh. I would return after every session even more dejected. I had never felt so sad, I was beating myself up over a stupid plane. But it was my plane, I had built it, sweated over its construction and I had developed an affinity for it. On the third day, a Sunday, two things happened. One, a person had responded to my Craigslist posting by telling me his story and how it all was really worth it and that I shouldn't give up so easily. And two, I had decided in desperation to print up flyers and pass them out to the people who lived in the area. Every one I spoke to was sympathetic and kind, I really couldn't believe how nice they were. I had expected ridicule, I guess it was because I somehow thought I deserved that response. No sooner had I returned home again feeling hopeless than the phone rang. "Hello, I have your plane". It was as if a great weight was lifted from me. I zoomed over to their house and there it was, in pretty good shape considering. It had flown over the woods and landed in their backyard safe and sound. Their 11 yr. old boy had picked it up within moments of its landing and brought it into the house. I asked his mom if I could give him a reward and handed over a Twenty. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas, money had fallen out of the sky and into his backyard.
    1. fly in clear weather
    2. it isn't over 'til it's over
    3. put your name and phone number on your plane
    4. have faith in your fellow man
    5. you're allowed to make mistakes
    6. don't just give up, you wouldn't be doing this if it didn't bring happiness to your heart.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Tell us your Crash Story and WIN! - CONTEST

    I had just bought a nice Cessna 182 and added floats to it. I was so excited to take this out on the lake for a flight on a real nice calm and sunny afternoon. I decided to add my keychain camera to it just for kicks since a lot of my friends were swimming nearby and I thought I could capture the action!
    All went well with the take-off and I was enjoying a nice flight. I was trying to get somewhat low so I could capture a good video of my friends swimming and fooling around. The tricky part was there were several motor and sail boats moored nearby that I had to be sure and stay far enough away from them! Well, as I was almost done, I flew in a bit too close for one more video and unfortuneatly caught the guy wire that holds up a mast on a sailboat. Since the guy wire was so small I didn't see it and when the Cessna hit it, the wing got sliced in two and she went "smack" down on to my neighbors sailboat. Embarassed, I went out to the sailboat and collected all my pieces. Eventually I glued all the foam pieces back together and was flying again in a few days. Not only did I wreck the plane, my keychain camera went flying off and sunk to the bottom of the lake! I was bummed, that would have been a nice video to see!! :lol:

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