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Thread: What's My next plane

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    What's My next plane

    Hi, I'm 63 and a beginner. I bought a Champ to impress the grandkids. IT WORKED. Direct Quote from a eight year old, "You must be the best Gramps ever." (Smile) Then I found out how much fun it is to fly it, and I enjoy it as much as they do. The little plane has survived our learning curve with just a new tail section and some tape. We've progressed to the point that panic moments aren't that often, and we can do stalls and ugly loops. Now I would like to add another plane to our fun. I would like a RTF that can handle light breezes as we fly outdoors. I need something easily repaired with parts available. I or the older kids launch and land for the younger ones and give them the controller when the plane reaches altitude, but anything can happen with an eight year old, so I'd like to stay in the lower price ranges for now. Any and all suggestion or comments will be appreciated. Also, when will we be ready for ailerons? Thanks in advance for any help.........

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    Re: What's My next plane

    Hi Brubill,

    I would suggest going to the beginners page on our web site and looking at the selection there. If you want to transition to an aileron airplane look at the Mini Telemaster Radio Ready w/2 Wing Sets, One wing is to fly without aileron using elevator and rudder and when your ready change wings and hook up the ailerons and go.

    Hope this helps you,


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