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Thread: axi2826/12 telemaster

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    axi2826/12 telemaster

    hey I am having problems with my telemaster V1
    3s battery with a 12X6E ..what should be the rpms on that..

    It seems to not have enough power to get up like it use too....I tried a 13X8 prop but it stll has lost the quickness in taking off it had..

    prop speed is 7700...with both props...I noticed that the V2 recommends a 4S....?

    help please


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    Re: axi2826/12 telemaster

    Could be the batteries giving out. That motor can handle a 4S Lipo on a 12x6 prop. That would be an option if you need more power.


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    Re: axi2826/12 telemaster

    yea I could but that means I haveta buy another battery..!!100 bucks!!

    is the rpms sound right ? bout 700 watts.too..

    do you think the battery is droping voltage on load..??

    really would like to get this local airport is having a fly-in and reall want to show this off..

    any help...tkx


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    Re: axi2826/12 telemaster

    I've never put a tach on any of my electrics so I don't know what the rpm is. 700 watts seems right and will put you at about 55+ amps. If that's what your doing, then is all sounds like it's working as it should. Maybe the heat and humidity is causing a lack of climb or power?


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