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Thread: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly review]

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    Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly review]


    Assembly should be easy, but the lack of quality control, cheap screws and the included screw driver make it more difficult than it should be. Don't even bother with the screw driver that's included - it's too small for most of the screws so you'll just strip them. This is my second one so I'll talk about the problems with both of them. On the first one, a screw for the tail wheel assembly wasn't long enough to catch the threads so I had to use my own screw instead. Also one of the screws that hold the motor to the mount was loose, and there's no room to get to it without a small 90 degree angle screw driver so it wasn't tightened down very well to begin with. One of the fake cylinder heads had a loose screw and was already stripped out so I couldn't even tighten it down. It broke off the first time it hit the ground of course.

    On the second plane, again one of the fake cylinder heads had a loose screw, but it would just keep spinning when I tried to tighten it down so it's still loose. The screws for the wing struts and strut mounts are so hard to turn without stripping that you have to use a lot of force to turn them. Of course if the screw driver slips off you'll jab it right into the wing like I did on several occasions. Also when you screw down the piece to hold the landing gear in it's so hard to turn that it came loose from the fuselage. I had to glue it back in. Who knows if it'll hold or not. Another thing was the ESC and battery connector was pulled all the way through to the fuselage to make it look like the battery should go in the compartment where the wiring and receiver are. I had to fish it back through to the front to put the battery in the right place.

    I'm not trying to keep people from buying the plane, it really is a nice plane once you get it assembled. There's just some QC issues that need to be addressed. Whether this new one will fly correctly remains to be seen. I'm going to try it this afternoon weather permitting.

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly

    Good luck flying it; I suggest you used low throws (70%) on your first few flights because the plane is quite responsive to the sticks.
    You can go 100% once you're are safely in the air. Even though this plane is rated as a beginner model, they did not cheat you on the motor power and things can happen quite fast. I easily did an outside loop with it this morning which is a good indicator of power to weight.
    I had more luck hand-launching the plane (at full throttle) than doing rise off the ground launches. It's just a matter of skill level I've yet to obtain. I tend to pull up on the stick when the plane starts veering off track instead of rudder correcting its direction. It makes for launches on the verge of a stall...
    I did three more flights this morning, the launches and landings are the second video on the post entitled: "J-5 trainer - a couple of hand launches"
    They occur at sunrise and have some nice visuals... Should get you in the mood for flying this plane :-)

    Good luck on your maiden, I assume you've either done some flying before or have spent some time on a simulator. Otherwise, your plane may not look "new" for very long.
    I was able to fly mine successfully on the 1st and 2nd flight after spending about 10 hours on a simulator but nearly destroyed it on my third attempt with a ROG launch that went straight up (and then straight down), totally pilot error... I'm now on flight #30; the last 23 flights (all hand-launches) have gone to completion.

    Make sure your think "flare" just before landing, because the design of the landing gear on this plane does not like moderately-light angled (30-45 degree) impacts.

    One last note, if you need to touch up the paint job; there's a red color made by Model Master (6429) at your hobby shop called "Chevy Engine Red" that matches the paint perfectly...

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly

    Thanks for the suggestions. This is actually my 2nd J5. The first one I had was surely defective because I couldn't even begin to control it, but that's another story. Jason Cole was kind enough to send me a replacement. I have done some flying before - I have a Mini Supercub (super easy) and I've flown a Supercub LP quite a bit. I have absolutely no problems taking off/flying/landing it. On the Phoenix Simulator I can fly the 4 channel planes with no problems. The J5 has a good bit more power with the brushless motor and much heavier so that will take some getting use to. I saw your videos, very nice. Hopefully I can keep it together long enough to add a camera one day too. Do your wing lights flash or stay solid? I was expecting solid.

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly

    Wing lights flash - unless you're flying in the dark, you'll never notice them in the air.

    One suggestion...
    Since there are two pushrods controlling each side of the elevator; make sure they are level with each other. If one is higher than the other, the plane will be hard to control. Check this with the controller bound to the receiver and after test operating the elevator a few times. My experience is the plane is a bit tail heavy and I put some weight in the cowling (more than the weight of the replica motors I removed). Have fun.

    Hobby Lobby/Jason: if you're listening, run that $119.95 special again on the eRC2250 and I'll buy another one since replacement parts are hard to come by. - Mark (

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly

    Yeah I made sure the 2 elevator rods were even on the first plane so I don't think that was the problem. It did want to go nose-up even with a good bit of down elevator so I may have to add some weight to the front on this one too.

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly rev

    For those mounting holes that are tight fitting, pre-drilling the hole with a 1/16" to 5/64" drill will make the job easier. The screw will tighten down snuggly without tearing out the mounting tab (The plastic is super easy to drill and only takes minimal force so be carefull). If you strip one of the mounting holes, you should be able to drill another one adjacent it. This should be true of most assembly holes including motor mounts (real and fake). Tap to suit if needed.
    I've spent much more time working on this plane than flying it (crashing it didn't help) , however I think that's the nature of this hobby regardless of the plane you purchase.

    There are some super design positives about the J-5;
    1) Metal motor mount (and holder), it's much more forgiving than the typical plastic ones and can be "bent" back into shape.
    2) Nice propeller mounting assembly
    3) Stout cowling that can take some abuse and protect the motor and prop shaft
    4) The ability to modify the dihedral and enable the ailerons

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly rev

    Well, the first flight lasted about 30 seconds. I was just turning it to the right and it flipped back to the left and nose first into the ground. I have absolutely no idea why it happened. I know I wasn't giving it any left rudder. Prop is broken, motor stripped out of the mount, windshield and pilot popped off, 2 of the fake cylinder head screws came out, and 2 of the motor wires are cut in half. Not sure it's worth fixing just for it to happen again the next time out. I really think this plane is designed for use with ailerons because it's too easy to get it flipped over with just the rudder and then you have no way of getting out of it. :x

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly rev

    Here's the video.


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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly rev

    Wow, you were so close...
    I looked at that over and over; I suspect because you were flying rather slow as you turned downwind you lost your lift and the plane dipped a wing (you may have also been hit by a slight crosswind). It was only momentary, since the plane can be seen quickly leveling out, but you were behind the trees and probably lost orientation. Once the plane loses its lift, if you cannot pick up airspeed it will not respond to the stick input. This has happened to me as I slow for landings (including yesterday where I had to dump mine in the high grass).
    Put it back together, use two larger screws in the motor mount. You can use just about any prop available at the hobby store that is similar. I'm using one made for a LP cub.
    I practically destroyed mine (on the third flight) and flew it the next day. 5 minute epoxy and a little clear packaging tape.

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    Re: Video of J5 Cub after assembly [edit: added assembly rev

    Yeah I think you may be on to something. The Supercub LP won't do things like that I guess because it's so much lighter and glides more easily. I'll have to find a way to get access to the 3 motor screws that go into the mount. I'm guessing a small 90 degree angle screw driver? I'll have to solder those 2 motor wires back together as well.

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