Here's a 45 second video showing a couple of hand launched of a Hobby Lobby J-5 Trainer in 5-10 mph of wind. The plane has the ailerons enabled.
Plane was hand-launched by firmly thowing it slightly upward at full throttle. First launch was in a crosswind. The second launch had a 15 gram keychain camera attached to the under-carriage which made the plane a little tail heavy and it effected both the launch and made for an ugly landing as I stalled it and dipped a wing. At the start of the launch you can hear me doing an audio count so I could sequence the two videos later.


As seen in the link below, the plane is a bit battle-worn but still flying well. I've only had to replace one propeller.
There is a 1 oz. lead weight in the nose of the cowling to compensate for the missing replica engines and those middle support struts are "hand made" using plastic tubes and waxed string to tie them into place. Today's flight was #20 and #21

Here's three more launches and landings at sunrise (22JUN11); I'm starting to develop a more consistent pattern in how I land (Flights #28-#30).