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Thread: lack of support

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    lack of support

    I bought a Twister US Coast Guard RTF 2.4GHz Helicopter, and I love it. II crashed it back in February and need to buy the lower hub to hold the lower rotors in place. The problem is that the part is out of stock. Each month they post the part will be available early or late the next month. Now we are at June19 and the site again states early June. I have written several times. I had one response that my order was ship. Nowhere in my email did I talk about an order. I know itís not their fault for lack of parts; it is their fault to keep posting. Also they have the helicopters in stock. Take a few apart to get parts to customers needing them. Does anyone know a different company that might offer the part?. It is Product# JPS0504 CNC lower hub it goes on at least two different helicopters. :evil:

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    Re: lack of support

    This should work until we the real parts in. ... 6_prd1.htm

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