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Thread: New P-47 EPO Warbird

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    New P-47 EPO Warbird

    Tough EPO construction - impeccable flight performance
    The P-47 was the heaviest US single-engine fighter of WWII and was built in greater quantities than any other. More than half a million combat sorties were flown in P-47's between the years of 1943 and the end of the war in 1945. One of the first true multi-role fighters, the Jug was a fighter, bomber, dive-bomber and ground attack aircraft. The P-47 was also the first piston-powered fighter to exceed 500 mph.

    This stunning R/C model has a 41 in. wingspan, is 35 in. long, with 258 sq. in. wing area, and weighs 27 oz. ready to fly. Nearly everything is included in the box. Just add your radio system (5 channel min.), lipo battery charger, and a small amount of 5-minute epoxy for gluing the tail feathers in place and you are ready to go. It comes pre-painted in molded EPO foam with the decals pre-applied and coated with a clear polyurethane spray for durability. The powerful outrunner brushless motor (800Kv) has plenty of power to swing the scale 11 in. 4-bladed propeller. Also included are a 30-amp speed controller, and a 3-cell 1650mAh Lipo flight battery.


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    Re: New P-47 EPO Warbird

    hey hows it going, i just built my wicked wabbit and let me tell you a little story, after getting it ready to the point of testing the motor, i took it outside put it on my test stand and started to increase the throttle. as i slowly increased it it was running great, until it hit full , then with a sputter it froze and cought on fire , with smoke pouring out of the cowl. kinda reminded me of a cart start back in my airfoce days. well by the time i got it all shut down and the batt. removed , the smoke was evan worse. after i got the fire out i tore it apart found the esc was a ball of goo. the motor was so hot couldnt touch it . i dont know how much damage was done, but the cowl was melted some. now the good news, i called hobbylobby and they are sending me a whole new kit . so with this in mind be carful when you run this one up for the first time, could have been disasterous if in the air!. i have the zero and the only probs so far is missing peices, so i havent flown that yet.

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