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Thread: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

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    New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    Pilatus PC-21 ARF w/Retracts

    Cool Turboprop airplane with scale 5-bladed prop and retracts - Fast and Fun
    The Pilatus PC-21 is a unique aircraft in today's world. It is the most advanced training turboprop available and provides a great platform for training tomorrow's front line fighter pilots.

    Our model has a 36 in. wingspan, is 44-1/4 in. long, with 236 sq. in. of wing area, and weighs 43 oz. ready to fly. The PC-21 is molded with tough EPO foam and is pre-painted, and decorated. It is a faithful reproduction of the turboprop trainer that is being used to train the next generation of jet fighter pilots. This model is very close to the scale outlines of the real plane and includes the signature 5-bladed scale prop with scimitar blades. This prop is not just for display, it is a great match for the 760Kv brushless motor and 50A ESC w/BEC and can be flown with either a 3-cell or a 4-cell Lipo of 1600mAH to 2100mAH. It's no slouch on 3-cells (our video plane is flying on 3-cells) but if more power and speed is what you are looking for then go with a 4 cell.


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    Re: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    Questions that came up.

    Well you guys have supplied another "to get", on my pick list. What will the kits/frame onlys be going for and what will they include?
    EPS I take it since it needs Cyano foam safe glue.
    The retracts from the manual are mechanical? That means two servos for retract. I take it the Freewing etracts are too heavy why they weren't used.
    The PZ15094s may be up to this weight range to swap mechanicals for etracts.

    Please confirm number of servos used. The manual is light on explaining the retracts or the flaps.

    2-Left & Right Ail
    2-Flaps (2 I assume though it could be done with 1)
    1-Nose Retract
    1-Mains Retract
    9 x 9g servos?

    The rudder and steering could be changed to a single servo pull pull driving both the rudder and when gear is down the steering too. I started successfully doing this with my Eurofighters.

    Flaps seem to have the potential to be driven by one servo since the wings do not have a lot of dihedral. Is there room to fit a single central servo for the flaps?
    Jason, my wife is going to kill me for getting this and the next jet coming out in the fall. You guys got to stop building such nice planes :D

    That's an Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano made from Brazil. I have a EMB312 Tucano which has always been in competition with the Pilatus PC-9 and now 21.

    Nice models because they do have a jet feel to them.
    Right now it's only available as a Rx ready model.
    It's all EPO foam and can use regular CA glue.
    It's mechanical retracts that work well in this size and use large MG servos.
    9 servos it correct with two different sized retract servos.
    It's really only setup for two flap servos and they can be oriented in the same direction so you don't need reversing stuff. Hope that helps. Enjoy!


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    Re: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    We are hearing a couple of reports of guys having paint issues on the cowls. The paint is a little tacky and can be scraped easily with a finger nail. You'll need to handle the cowl with care until the paint can fully cure.


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    Re: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    We have now included a warning sheet in the box letting customers know that the paint on the fuse may be tacky and pull the wrapping off with care. Also that the paint on the cowling is soft and to not scrape any object against it.


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    Re: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    Here is my build/review thread on RC Universe.

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    Re: New PC-21 Turbo Prop

    Hey guys,
    Wanted to share some info on how the PC-21 Repairs are going. I've been pulling cowls, putting new ones on, adding decals, glueing gear doors and pilot figures back in. We'll be back in stock soon. This is no small task, but we wanted to make sure you guys get a quality product. Here's some photos and a quick video of the process.


    Jason Cole
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_2713.jpg   IMG_3239.jpg   IMG_3854.jpg  

    IMG_5197.jpg   IMG_7245.jpg   IMG_8712.jpg  


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