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Thread: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

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    Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    Product#: HLA008
    What is the status on availability of this ARF kit?


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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    They are here, we were waiting for a part from the vendor to complete them. Should be up sometime next week.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    I would appreciate a heads up when they are ready so I can buy one.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    You can go ahead and order it now. Your card isn't charged until it ships out. They should be done in the next day or two and shipping out by mid week.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    Order placed

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    This will be a glow powered plane so any instructions for mounting a glow engine would be helpful.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    Just received an email confirmation and it shows 2 kits on the order. That is wrong.
    There should only be 1 kit

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    Email me the order # so we can fix it.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    Already talked to Jeanne and got it fixed. Thanks

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus (Oversize)

    I got this confirmation notice:
    Please note the freight charge. If this is correct then we need to cancel the order.

    Thank you for placing your order with Hobby-Lobby. We have been providing
    radio-control fun for over 40 years! We know you had a choice with whom
    you do business and we appreciate your choosing Hobby-Lobby!
    Your order number is 0002111339.

    Your order will be shipped to:
    steve pannell
    212 ridgecrest dr
    euless, TX 76040

    The following items are in your order:
    Item Description: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF
    Item Number: HLA008
    Quantity Ordered: 1*
    Price Each: $349.99
    A quantity of 1 of this item is currently backordered.
    We expect to receive more very soon.

    Sub Total: $349.99
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Freight: $225.00
    Grand Total: $574.99

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