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Thread: Micro Stik Prop

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    Micro Stik Prop

    My prop came off tonight while flying. What holds it on ?

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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    Since I don't own a Micro stik and haven't actually seen one up close, I'll tell you what I do know.

    There is only a couple ways the prop can go on the shaft.

    1. Look at the bare shaft and see if it is threaded, the prop may be installed by holding the shaft with a pair of needle nose pliers and threading the prop on, turning it the oposite way the prop turns when running.

    2. There may be a small nut holding the prop on. If the propeller slips on the shaft easily then it needs a nut, if it doesn't then use # 1 method to re-install.

    That should be it either one or two.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    CK, I had the same problem with mine. Went airborne, and thank goodness was only a few feet off the ground when the prop went flying. The saft doesn't have a thread. The prop is apparently pressure fitted, and I would guess that the one nose bump it got when a friend flew it into the side of a car was what got it started loosening.
    What I would like to know is what to use, and if Jason is reading, I hope he'll chime in, to get the prop to stick to the shaft. I already tried super thin CA and that was a failure. Whatever the prop is made of, doesn't allow the CA to cure. It just sits there in a puddle.
    Maybe a new prop would work. Do you sell spare props for the MS? Guess I need to check and see if it is under spare parts for it. Anyway, would really like to not have the shipping expense that is incurred for a new prop. I would imagine shipping is probably double what the prop costs. Crash

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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    Well if super glue won't work, maybe try some loctite, but be sure to let it dry really well before spinning up the prop.
    I'm not real sure what or how the prop is put on those Micro Stiks because I haven't purchased one....I have a bunch of micro planes but not that one.


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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    Normally CA glue is what is used for the replacement. Hit it with some kicker to get the glue to cure faster. It may be too loose now and require a new prop. You can purchase them from the Micro Stik page here ... 8_prd1.htm


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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    OK, Here's what you have to do to get the prop fixed onto the prop shaft.
    First, take some sandpaper and clean up the prop shaft, lightly.
    Nest, using either super thin CA or thin may work, put one drop on the shaft and quicly put the prop onto it. And I mean quickly, as I didn't and the prop is only 3/4 of the way on. But it is now fixed and shouldn't come off. I ran the motor at high power and if worked fin, even with the prop not completely seated.
    The key is cleaning the prop shaft to allow the CA to grip.
    This should help the other person who had the same problem. Probably don't need to purchase a new prop either, as these little props are tough. Crash

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    Re: Micro Stik Prop

    The best thing I've found to keep a prop on after the little micro splines on the shaft have stripped out the hole is to do like crashcaley said and use a drop of CA glue then put a drop of Zip Kicker on the front and rear of the prop to cure it quickly. I usually put the drop of glue on the back side of the prop (over the hole) then push the prop down with my thumb while holding the shaft by cradling the back side of the gear between my index and middle fingers.
    The safest thing to do is to take the gear shaft out of the motor mount so you can push the prop down without worring about breaking something. If the gear slips on the shaft, just push it back to where it was and put a drop of CA glue on the FRONT of the gear so the glue won't ride on the brass bearing surface of the motor mount when you slip it back on.

    I use hemostats to hold the shaft retaining nut and rotate the gear back and forth while gently pulling the nut off the shaft. Use kind of an equal pressure between pulling the nut backwards and pulling the gear forward to pull the gear shaft off.

    When you bend the gear shaft during a crash you can straighten it to where it will still fly by pulling the prop off then taking the gear shaft out of the motor mount and spin it between your finger and thumb to see where you need to bend it back with needle nosed pliers. It can possibly keep you in the air until you order a new gear shaft. ;)

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