I recently got one of the RTF Kyosho BF109's and found it to be a great little plane to fly. I used a 2s 7.4v 1000mah battery and the stock transmitter which actually is not a bad transmitter with dual rates. I have to admit on the first hand launch I lost a prop and the props are brittle but on the second launch learned my lesson and she went right up with minimum left hand torque. This little plane is perfect for my property and wish the Spitfire was still available. I flew this at a Fun Fly this past weekend and everyone asked who made it and how scale it really looked. One note this is not for a beginner but if you have some flying experience and fly solo then this is a good one to have. I noticed they still have the BF109's in the RTF version and if your looking for a nice little flyer that bigger than the micros then this one is it. Hopefully Hobby Lobby might still get the Spitfire again and if so I will be purchasing one that is for sure.

Jim H