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Thread: F/A-18E Vector Thrust Setup

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    F/A-18E Vector Thrust Setup

    I am using a Futaba 7C with the F/A-18E and have the servos set up per the instruction manual. However, I am having a problem getting the left VT nozzle to respond to the elevator. Can anyone provide the correct way to setup the mixes on my transmitter?

    Also, the right main LG does not always extend. It doesn't seem to be hanging up on anything and will usually come down after recycling the switch several times. Any ideas?


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    Re: F/A-18E Vector Thrust Setup

    Try this on your Futaba 7C

    Aux1 (flap) has the up/down TV plugged into it
    Aux 2 has the left/right TV plugged into it

    Start with programmable mix 1:
    Make elevator the master and aux1(flap) the slave channel and make your values 100% on the top and bottom. Select a switch if you want to be able to turn off the mix. Make sure it is on and move the elevator. TV unit should be moving up and down with the elevator. If it moves together with the elevator you are done with that mix. If it moves opposite of the elevator, reverse the values, so if you put +100, put it at -100.

    Program mix 2:
    Do the same as above but make rudder the master and Aux2 the slave channel this time. Set the values and switch like before and move the rudder stick to verify that the TV unit works with the rudder. If it moves in the opposite direction, reverse the values to change the direction of movement

    Hope that helps.



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    Re: F/A-18E Vector Thrust Setup

    No luck with your suggestion. The F/A-18E has three TV servos. TV1 controls the verticle servo on the right nozzle, TV2 controls the verticle on the left nozzle and TV3 controls the horizontal movement of both nozzles. TV3 and Steering are connected to CH4(rudder) through a 'Y' connector; they function correctly.

    The problem is in programmin TV1 & TV2 to operate correctly with elevator and aileron control. The Futaba 7C has only 3 P.MIXES; not enough to do both PROG.MIX3 & PROG.MIX4 as per the instruction manual. Wish I had been smart enough to figure this out before buying the aircraft; I would have chosen a bird with a single VT nozzle.

    I have arrived at a compromised solution by connecting both TV1 & TV2 through a 'Y' connector to CH 6(flaps) and using P.Mix1 (CH2>CH6). This gives me verticle movement of both nozzles in sync with the elevators and also a set amount of verticle with the knob for high alpha work and slower landing speeds. It's not ideal and does not provide nozzle movement in sync with the ailerons but I think it will fly.

    Thanks anyway,

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    Re: F/A-18E Vector Thrust Setup

    Hi Gary,

    I'm sorry this didn't help you, because these instructions are how the plane works, and of course it was programed to a DX7 radio. I was hoping someone else on the Forum would come forward that uses Futaba and give you some better ideas but not so far.

    You could try which is another forum with lots of subscribers and you may get what your looking for there, or you can check a local flying club and see if anyone there is using a Futaba 7C and can help you out.. Heck if nothing else contact Futaba and talk with someone there that may be able to help you, once you explain your problem with them.

    Again, Sorry this didn't help much.


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