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Thread: Telemaster Plus

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    Telemaster Plus

    I am still waiting down here in Texas for a good weather day(wind under 5 mph) to maiden my plus. Was wondering if the Plus will fly inverted? I never tried to put my old Senior inverted, because I hadn't seen or heard of any one doing it. Are there any video's of one flying like that?

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    Re: Telemaster Plus

    Most of the video's that show the telemaster inverted fly them this way for only a few seconds, this is because of the dihedral in the wing, but they also say that it takes a lot of down elevator to maintain the inverted control.

    Here is a sequence that shows the telemaster doing inverted flight, but again its only for a short period. Look at the video to the right for the inverted flight ... ectro-arf/



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    Re: Telemaster Plus

    Hey. Thank you for the video suggestion. I noticed that it was not a Senior Plus, also the plane shown did not have any struts. Which model of the Telley's was the pictures of?

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    Re: Telemaster Plus

    The one in the video is the 6ft Electro version, and you are correct there were no struts on that plane.
    Could not find a video showing the Senior doing inverted flight, just big loops with a little extened inversion at the top.
    It takes a lot of down elevator to keep the plane upside down, so not a lot of inversion is done.


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