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Thread: 12' Telemaster Aides in Search and Rescue

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    12' Telemaster Aides in Search and Rescue

    On February 16 2009, Bob Norton along with his wife and a plane full of passengers disappeared in the area of Venezuela known as the "Gran Sabana". A team of dedicated friends, family, and interconnected professionals has been been developing a sophisticated search effort to find Bob.

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    Re: 12' Telemaster Aides in Search and Rescue

    Tragic and amazing story. I have a friend who uses his Telemaster during Halloween. He'll fly it over the neighborhood and drop hard candy on the heads of the childrens. The parents have asked him to stop.

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    Re: 12' Telemaster Aides in Search and Rescue

    I am almost done building a senior Telemaster for search & rescue work. I would really like to connect with folks that have worked with RC planes in SAR. I am a member a SAR team in PA. I'm especially interested in autonomous flight and first person flying. I hope to eventually have two cams on board. One down facing and one front facing. Also, if any one has used any transmitters and what the workable range was on them.

    I would especially like help from Hobby Lobby! Sponsoring a SAR aerial unit I would think would be a great endorsement of the products used. Hint.. Hint... :-) Most US based SAR teams are 100% volunteer and really have to beg for every penny. I would love to see local flying clubs assist their local SAR teams with building, (and rebuilding!!!) planes, flying them for them and helping to set them up for flying. It would be a great out reach program for AMA clubs.

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    Re: 12' Telemaster Aides in Search and Rescue

    For anyone interested in this effort, our website is ... we welcome any ideas that might make this project successful...

    Bob Edwards
    Norton Search Team Lead

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