The Boeing P-26 nicknamed the "Peashooter" was the first all-metal monoplane fighter used by the United States Army Air Corps - USAAC. It was also the last open-cockpit, fixed-landing-gear, braced-wing pursuit plane to serve in the USAAC. The P-26 had a reasonably brief operational life, but it would become one of the best known and loved aircraft of the pre-war era.

It is made of polystyrene with a hardened surface layer, reducing its propensity to suffer from surface scratches. Thanks to the advantageous weight/strength ratio of the material used the model is quite sturdy and a risk of damage in normal flying is very low. Great attention was devoted to the aerodynamics of this model (e.g. a semi-symmetric wing section and a symmetric section of the horizontal tail were used, etc.) to create a superb flying airplane.

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