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Thread: Fox Sailplane

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    Fox Sailplane

    110-1/4 in. wingspan, 53-1/2 in.long, 914 sq. in. wing area, 127 oz. flying weight. Over a 9' wingspan and more than 6 square feet of wing area make this fully aerobatic sailplane a blast to fly. The included power system will pull the sailplane to altitude quickly. Turn off the motor, push the nose over and let the fun begin.

    Speed increases quickly and the semi-symmetrical wing section is equally at ease upright or inverted and anywhere in-between. With a glide ratio and speed range like this, control of your decent is critical. The electronic spoilers make this an easy task. They do not require any setup and are fully proportional, plug the two into a Y-connector and your flap channel or side slider and you have the control to make nice precision landings. This is a sailplane for intermediate to advanced builders and fliers, some previous experience with fiberglass fuselage aircraft is recommended.

    Link to product page

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    Re: Fox Sailplane


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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    is the FOX still on sale?
    what are the motor specks?
    what siz battery are u using.
    would a axi 4120 fit? ( I have one doing nothing)

    have always liked the shape of the FOX...

    tks jason,
    larry bailey in the flat lands of nebraska..

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    Still $329 today. That AXI is way to big. It's more of a 28 series motor. Battery is only a 3S 2200.

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    What are the specs of the motor? What are the max amps it can draw?

    Based on the weight of the Fox it looks like it needs at least 600 Watts to get a decent climb rate.

    Compared to the Grob it is quite heavy almost 7 lbs! Any explanation for the difference in weight betwen both models?

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    The fox fuse is much larger with heavier wings and more wing area, beefer spar, etc all add up to more weight than the Grob. I don't have the full specs on the motor other than what is in the pdf manual that is listed on the website.

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    Jason, do you know how many Amps you were pulling a 3S Lipo?

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    I have never measured it, so I'm not sure what it's actually drawing static or in the air.


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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    Please can you explain why in the assembly instructions in the control throws they ask you to set up your ailerons 20 / 15 and the say differential is required on the ailerons?

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    Re: Fox Sailplane

    That is most likely the high and low rates. 20mm travel on high and 15mm travel on low. You'll want half the deflection going down as you get going up for differential.

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