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Thread: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

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    Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

    Order # 0002105426

    I have a few emails in & a few phone calls with no response, last to Annie(?) where I again left my number. Fuselage was delivered with the bottom rear & lower right side crushed. I would like to get a replacement.
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    Re: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

    I believe you've been in touch with Bobby here and he has you squared away correct?


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    Re: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage


    No, The last time I called in a man answered the support phone & transferred me to a woman Annie?sp who he said would take care of it, but she was not at her desk. I let a voice mail for her but no return contact has been made by Hobby Lobby. This was yesterday or the day before. You guys have my email address from the order form, might be easier then this board to use for contact.

    BTW I have a few Sr. Telemasters from you & they are great flying planes. Hope to get the "plus" version if it ever goes on sale :)

    Thanks for the response.


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    Re: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

    Ah, ok. I'm out of the office getting ready for a jet event this weekend. If there's no resolution by Monday, let me know here.


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    Re: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

    Update: no contact so far.

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    Re: Help with Sr Telemaster fuselage

    Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for the email.....will wrap-up the damaged fuselage for return shipping tonight.



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