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Thread: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

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    NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    For all you guys out there that have the Blade SR :( and have had problems with the tail not holding or the motor going bad every other flight here is your fix! :D Part number JP1600! ... 3_prd1.htm Pros of this heli are the belt driven tail, the gyro and its low cost to fix or upgrade. We carry a full line of replacement parts both stock and high-performance aluminum upgrades. Awesome heli for beginners :shock: We have all flown this heli here at the Hobby Lobby Retail Store and we love it! Our new guy, Tony, has never flown a heli successfully before :lol: we talked him into getting one and he came in the next day so happy because he had flown a CP heli without crashing!!! We have one out here at the hobby shop and would be more than happy to give you a demo of the new CPX! Just stop by and ask any of us :)

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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    Watched the video of the CPX, and read your statements about them.
    What makes this heli "Easy to fly" and did you make a video of the Tony's first flight without crashing?

    I've tried many heli's without much success with more than a low hover, and have been disappointed because I could never get much further than that.


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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    Its easy to fly because out of the box its very docile! I flew a customers the other day and hands off it hovered.(do not try that at home!) I did not get a video of his first flight with it cause he had taken it home but we will get more videos up soon on it. If you have questions let us know, Thanks 8-)

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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    A video of Tony practicing his orientation with the new CPX!


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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    I just got mine today and the first thing I noticed when I plugged the battery in the charger was that the red and green lights were both flashing back and forth. I used a tester and discovered that one of the cells is completely dead. I hope this isn't a bad omen. :o They say these helis are tested before they leave but I don't believe this battery was tested unless it went bad during shipping. I haven't tried the heli yet but I've got another similar size battery that I can use in the mean time.

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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    They do test every heli, I've been to the factory and have the video. I don't think they run them with the batteries you get though. There's always a small percentage of bad cells even with the best brands. We back them up and get you fixed up with a new battery.


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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    Well, I already had batteries of similar size so I was still able to try it out today and I have to say that I am throughly pleased. The weather is windy and rainy here right now so I pulled the wife's car out of the garage and made room for a bit of hovering practice. Although I've had some previous experience, I'm still a rookie so I started out very easy on the controls, especially since there really isn't that much space in our garage. Lifting up and hovering was a breeze and I'm certain someone took the time to make adjustments to this heli beforehand. Being an advanced helicopter, I can't believe just how stable it is. Very glad now that I made this choice. The quality of the radio was also very nice.

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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    Is Hobby Lobby going to keep parts for this product? The main blades have been out of stock for weeks and now other parts are starting to show out of stock. Crashes are imminent, so this could leave a heli grounded for weeks? . . . months? . . . indefinitely? Who know? I sure hope HL takes care of those of us who have dedicated ourselves to buying the bird.

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    Re: NEW CPX Heli!!!!!!

    My new Twister CP-X although sold as RTF, definitely was NOT ready to fly. Unfortunately I found that out the hard way on my first flight which led to bad crash. Although this is my first CP bird, I have experience with co-axial heli's, so was really surprised when the thing took off from throttle up and I had no control. In the process of rebuilding it, I found out that it was not even close to being setup correctly. The swashplate was not level and linkage was binding at zero pitch because the links were adjusted to long. A word to the wise for others - don't trust the RTF designation on your new bird. Always go through the complete setup to make sure all is well. I have sure learned my lesson (the hard way)!

    I have my CP-X mostly back together now and know the setup is correct. Just waiting for HL to stock the last remaining part (the blade grip set - 660381), then I can get back in the air.


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