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Thread: Telemaster Backorder

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    Telemaster Backorder

    Anyone know what's up with the Telemaster 40 electric arf backorder?
    When can we expect to get them?

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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Funny enough, we just got a 40' container truck in today and it had Telemasters on it. We'll get them checked in and they should be shipping out by tomorrow.


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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Does this include the "mini telemaster kit" Product#: HLA101?

    Ive had one back ordered for a couple months now.

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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    No the kits come from a US factory. They have had troubles sourcing wood and making our kits. They are working to solve this, but it has been slow going.

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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Oh... ok

    I guess it'll get here when it gets here.

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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Sorry it's taking so long. It's really out of our control at this point. We'll ship them out just as soon as the vendor can get them to us.

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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    went backed and checked the confirmation email....
    June 1rst will be 3 months on back order.

    I understand you are dealing with a vendor and that's difficult, but It's springtime in the Midwest!
    We're unable to dodge tornadoes much less fly an airplane.

    this is our buildin weather!!!!


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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    I wouldn't be opposed to an upgrade to the Senior or the Telemaster"40" kit since I've had to wait several months. :)

    I mean I wouldn't be offended or anything... since I was just looking for a kit to build during the "stormy" season.


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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Over 4 months on back order now?!?!


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    Re: Telemaster Backorder

    Yes, Aerocraft who makes the kits has not been able to supply us. We're working on a solution.

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