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Thread: Worst BF-109 junk not the Kyosho one

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    Worst BF-109 junk not the Kyosho one

    Okay thought I would never say this about an aircraft from Hobby Lobby but have to say I purchased the the BF-109 that was 79.99 on a crash sale. Well crash is the proper word for it. It was a piece of junk. Looked great sitting on the stand and that was where it probably should have stayed as a display. Got it together looked great although should have known when handeling it the foam was second rate. Checked flight controls did all the adjustments checked cg got it right. Took it out to fly rolled left into the ground broke the prop. Replaced the prop checked everything out again next day launched plane rolled left hit the ground tail broke wing broke plane was unrepairable a total loss that was a waste of 80.00 dollars. Have been flying for a while have other hand launched planes no problems. I can see why Hobby Lobby does not carry it anymore should have known better when there were no replacement parts listed.
    Like I said have bought a few items from Hobby Lobby and my LHS that he ordered from Hobby Lobby have always been satisfied. Was thinking about gettting the Kyosho BF-109 or the Spitfire but a bit gun shy now especially it being 99.00 dollars. Well just thought I would put this out there and let anyone know of my experience. :x

    Jim Hogue

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    Re: Worst BF-109 junk not the Kyosho one

    Hey Jim,
    Sorry for that bad experience. That was branded under the factory name and we did not give any design input into it. It really wasn't up to snuff for our level so we stopped carrying it shortly after the first shipment. While I can't outright refund your money on it, maybe I can offer a gift certificate or discount on something else you'd rather have to make up for it. Send me an email to and we'll figure something out.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Worst BF-109 junk not the Kyosho one

    Thanks for all the help and again great customer service Jason. Hobby lobby has the most professional people working for their company could not ask for better service.


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