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Thread: Twister CPX RTF

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    Twister CPX RTF

    The CPX is a great beginner/intermediate collective pitch heli with a head design very similar to the Blade SR, and a belt driven tail slung by an out runner brushless motor. It comes factory set up and ready to fly. Flight characteristics out of the box are very docile and the belt driven tail holds very true making this a very good first collective pitch machine for the aspiring heli pilot. For advanced flyers, the CPX will sharpen up nicely. It comes with a fully programmable radio so you can set the idle up RPM and throttle/pitch curve to your liking. Full cnc head and tail assemblies are also available as upgrades to greater increase performance. ... 3_prd1.htm
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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    can this lift a camera of 500grams?
    thank you.

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    Not going to lift that much weight. Need a lighter camera like the 2oz. FlyCamOneHD.


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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    This heli has some great features but why can't I find info about it on other websites? When I asked someones opinion they said to stay away cause parts weren't widely available. I've been watching and the blades have been out of stock for quite some time. Are there others out there flying this heli and if so, what are your experiences? I'm very interested but a bit leery.

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    Also, it this a rebrand of another helicopter? Other than the main rotor blades it looks like Hobby Lobby has all the parts in stock but it would still be nice to know that there were other options just in case. :)

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    This is it's own helicopter, but it comes from the same factory that makes all the larger Blade products.

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    Ok Jason, I bought one and got it today. The battery that came with it had a dead cell. I hope this isn't a bad omen. :o

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    It can happen, we can get you a new pack.

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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    Awesome helicopter! I'm no longer worried about the omen. :D


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    Re: Twister CPX RTF

    Any idea how long before Hobby Lobby gets replacement blades for this heli? This is one part you can certainly expect to break at some point. I would really like to get an extra.

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