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Thread: Alabama Tornadoes - Hobby Lobby Lending a Hand

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    Alabama Tornadoes - Hobby Lobby Lending a Hand

    After the devastating tornadoes hit parts of Alabama, Hobby Lobby served as a donation drop-off center for relief efforts. Donations came in from private citizens and local businesses. Logo Chair, one of the first companies in the U.S. to hold a Collegiate Licensing Company license for a folding chair, located in Franklin, TN, donated 200 chairs and blankets. Swiftwick, based in Brentwood, donated a large amount of socks to the tornado victims.

    Josh Noblitt of FedEx and University of Alabama Class of 96 alum, will be personally driving all donations picked up at Hobby Lobby, which includes such things as water, clothing, and diapers, down to the Temporary Emergency Service Center in Tuscaloosa. Noblitt will be met after the 4 hour trip by friends, volunteers and college students to help unload his truck.

    Pictured: Hobby Lobby's shipping manager Sean Wilson and Josh Noblitt of FedEx load donations onto the truck before it leaves for Tuscaloosa, Alabama to aid in the relief efforts.
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    Re: Alabama Tornadoes - Hobby Lobby Lending a Hand

    Thank you so much for what you're doing! April 27th was a terrible day for Alabama. Tornados were hitting everywhere in the state it seemed. And the worst one went right through the middle of my town of Tuscaloosa. From one side to the other and beyond. I've never seen anything like it in my life. The needs here are great, and so far there has been a great response from people all over the country. Your help is very important in helping people get the things they need to get through this terrible time. I'd sure like to thank Josh personally. When will he arrive in Tuscaloosa?
    Thanks again!

    Harry McWilliams
    Tuscaloosa, AL.

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    Re: Alabama Tornadoes - Hobby Lobby Lending a Hand

    You are very Welcome! ! !

    That's what makes this a Great and Wonderful Country, lending a helping hand when needed.


    Home of the Free.........Because of the Brave!

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    Re: Alabama Tornadoes - Hobby Lobby Lending a Hand

    Josh should already be down there. Hopefully you'll get a chance to meet him! And we are extremely happy that we can take part in the relief efforts.

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