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Thread: Recommend items.

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    Recommend items.

    I was looking at the Hobby Lobby website and there are a bunch of cool airplanes. I was looking at the ARF planes and got to thinking. Do I have to put the motor and servos in the plane that they say I will need? Or is that more of a recommend build?
    Hope this makes sense.


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    Re: Recommend items.

    These are recommended builds. When HL lists the "Everything you need" the plane has been flown with these items, which HL recommends for optimum performance. You can then, when you build use whatever setup you feel will work with your plane. So for instance you do not want to purchase new servos that are recommended, you can use the ones you already have, but you should consider weather they are comparable in order to move the control surfaces properly and with the smooth movement that you need to make them work correctly. Its the same with the recommended motor group, to include the motor controller and battery.

    Hope this helps,


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