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Thread: The Champ vs. Piper J-5

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    The Champ vs. Piper J-5

    Hello all,

    So I am looking to buy my first RC plane and am looking at the champ or the J5. I like them both. The champ seems like it will be easier to fly, But the j5 is more scalable to my skill level. The j5 might be just as easy to learn on but not sure. If i get the champ i even thought about making it the super champ and add ailerons on myself later down the road or just get a different plane.

    What are your thoughts? You think the champ would be better for a first time flight or is the j5 just as easy?


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    Re: The Champ vs. Piper J-5

    First of all the Champ is only a 22" wingspan and the smaller the plane the harder to fly.
    The J5 is a 44" wingspan and has the ailerons but they are not connected, you have to to that when your ready.

    Both fly well and both are very good planes. Only you can be the judge as to which you would like the best.

    I personally own 4 PK Zone micro planes and they all fly Great so you most likely would enjoy the Champ over the J5, but this is my opinion.


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    Re: The Champ vs. Piper J-5

    I'm new to flying RC's and I have both planes; Most of my initial "skills" were learned on Phoenix Flight Simulator (flying the Super Cub and later the Corsair).

    If you are flying in windless conditions the Champ is hands down easier to fly. The J-5 is faster, more powerful and quite active (even with the aireons disabled) compared to the Champ.

    The Champ is more likely to forgive your initial learning crashes than the J-5 since it weighs about 20 times less, and is not as structually complex.

    Both planes are fun to fly, but the J-5 demands a higher skill level for your maiden flights.

    With that said, I was able to fly the J-5 successfully on its maiden flight without damaging it. I been flying a T-28 ultra micro earlier in the week and it honed my reflexes enough to handle the J-5's surprisingly active manner; something I was not expecting. I was anticipating it flying like the Super Cub did in the simulator (kind of docile). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the J-5's performance.

    Being new to flying this is what I've learned.
    1) Center of Gravity is absolutely critical to a well handing aircraft.
    2) Thinking you can "figure it out as you go" and skip the simulator is probably not going to work.
    3) Lipo batteries need to be stored, transported and charged in a safe manner. They are a firebomb waiting to happen.

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