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Thread: Powerwing batteries

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    Powerwing batteries

    I recently bought two Powerwing batteries, 3S 1600 20c as backups for my Mig. There are the same spec as the battery that came with the Mig however, after about a minute and a half of flight, I lose full power like the battery has died. I susequently checked the battery and all three cells were balanced and at about 46-47% capacity. This happened with both packs. What the deal? Any ideas?

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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    Contact Customer support during the week and explain the situation. Also have your invoice number and order number and they should be able to take care of you. Call Joanne Miller at (866) 933-5972

    This should take care of you,


    P.S. I have two of these same batteries and have not had any problems with them so far, they are working as advertised. Make real sure they are fully charged before use.


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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    Thanks for the info CK, So it sounds like the batteries? It's the only thing that I can figure that it can be. I had charged them on the Imax SRCB8 and topped them off before flight. I had about a five minute first flight with the orginal battery and everything was great. Anyway, contacted Joanne and she is sending me two more. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    Your very welcome.


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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    One more thing since we are talking about batteries. I have a 3S 11.1V 2200mah 25C in my Mini Titan and need some spares. Can I use a comparable 30C instead with out issue? If so, I need to order a couple YTB22003T when you get them in when I get this resolved. Thanks again for the help.

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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    If you look at the Lipo specs for the 30C you will need to replace your esc unless it is already a 66A or better.

    The 20C uses a 45A esc, so not sure what a 25C uses but most likely they are going to be close to the 60A.

    This would be my concern, to make sure you have the proper esc to handle the burst current of 110A and a continous current of 66A. If your esc meets these requirements then they would work.


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    Re: Powerwing batteries

    Well, my esc is a 40A. So I should stick with a 25C if possible, if not go with a 20C?


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