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Thread: New(ish) MiG

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    New(ish) MiG

    After waiting too long to recover from a flat spin at SEFF (as opposed to just letting it frisbee into the tall grass!) we all got to watch as my much abused Hobby Lobby EPO MiG-15 dived nose first into the ground from about 20 feet up.
    Oh well, off to the Hobby Lobby booth for a new MiG...
    Once I got her home, I just couldn't pitch her in the trash and decided to try and resurrect her. So it was off with the plastic nose ring (undamaged!), spackle up the nose, add a little bit of ply and super glue reinforcement, sand everything smooth, re-attach the nose ring and add new paint and decals.

    Better than new and flies better too! I love these little jets!
    [attachment=1:3ic1vgbc]MiG-15 repaint A em.jpg[/attachment:3ic1vgbc][attachment=0:3ic1vgbc]MiG-15 repaint B em.jpg[/attachment:3ic1vgbc]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MiG-15 repaint A em.jpg   MiG-15 repaint B em.jpg  

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    Re: New(ish) MiG

    Thats a great fix.
    Just goes to show you with a little time and engenuity you can accomplish a new aircraft that actually flies better.

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    Re: New(ish) MiG

    Nicely Done!

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