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Thread: telemaster senior plus

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    telemaster senior plus

    is the telemaster in the video running the suggested set-up from the web site?

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    Re: telemaster senior plus

    Yes the Telemaster plus in the video is using the recommended setup.
    You can however use other equipment if you wish to make it your setup, but HL always recommends that for optimum performance the suggested equipment should be used.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: telemaster senior plus

    thanks for the prompt answer, good to know, looking forward to getting my tele, thanks to HL for putting up with me lol and getting my plane out the door to me

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    Re: telemaster senior plus

    Hi, I am about to receive my new Sr.Telemaster Plus and wish to use a glow OS .91FS engine. Will the airframe be able to withstand the vibrations of a glow engine? I know that the airplane is designed for electric motors which are rather smoothe and almost vibrationless. Do I get instructions for installing a glow engine? Can the glow engine be bolted directly to the bulkhead that the electric motor box mounts to?

    Thanks for any help and best regards and happy flying to all.

    Uncle Cap.

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    Re: telemaster senior plus

    You won't use the electric motor mount. You'll need to probably beef up and fuel proof the firewall before mounting. The rest of the airframe will be fine.


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