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Thread: Better packing needed for Micro Stik parts

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    Better packing needed for Micro Stik parts

    I just received an order from y'all (pretty quick too, thanks) but the rudder around the control horn was broken, rendering the rudder and vertical stabilizer useless. The first time I ordered a replacement of these parts I asked y'all in the "comments section" on the online order form to make sure to protect the control horns for shipping and you did. This time I didn't note to do that and the rudder and elevator were tightly wrapped then taped in their plastic bags and it looks like that might be what broke the part. The parts were secured in bubble wrap pretty good to keep the whole tail plane area safe from bending though.

    I will fix the part myself since I've done it before when the control horns failed during "normal" use on my first Micro Stik. Foam safe CA glue then a very light coat of Gorilla Glue work good to reinforce the control horn area.

    I'm writing this just to let y'all know that the control horn area on the Micro Stik tail plane needs extra care and protection taken when shipping those replacement parts. Perhaps some scrap cardboard placed around these areas to protect both sides of the control horns on the rudder (+ vert. stab.) and elevator (+ horz. stab.) would help protect them in during packing and transit. The areas are VERY fragile where the control horns are affixed on these parts.

    I've moved the pushrods to the innermost holes on the rudder and elevator on both of my Micro Stiks and they both fly like a drunk bat! :D They will turn on a dime and give the obligatory nine cents change, especially when using the lighter 120mah battery. I can now fly in winds that kept me grounded when they were new.


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    Re: Better packing needed for Micro Stik parts

    Hey Thanks for the info. That's the first time I've head this. Glad this forum is here so we can get good feedback like that. Enjoy the Micro Stik!


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