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Thread: Engine inclination

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    Engine inclination

    Tell me, please. I have established petrol engine DLE 30 on "TELEMASTER" (94 "wingspan). The engine fastens to a forward frame. The inclination of an axis of the engine has turned out about 12-15 degrees downwards, concerning the bottom plane of a wing. It seems to me much. So should be? Or it is necessary to make a new frame? Or to enclose linings?
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    Re: Engine inclination

    I found on the internet the plan set for the Telemaster Senior. The old petrol plans show the motor mount is supposed to have 3 degrees down thrust and 2 degrees right thrust, this is for a .61 engine. So I would say what you have is too much and you need to correct your thrust lines. You can maybe do this by using spacers behind the metal motor mount or even making a ne wedge shaped plywood mount.

    If someone else knows of a better solution please respond.

    Hope this helps you,


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