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Thread: 1st R/C Aerotowing Clinic

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    1st R/C Aerotowing Clinic

    The 1st rc tow clinic was held Saturday 30th with over 30 pilots attending....
    We started at 9:00 and by 9:15 we had our first pilot waiting to tow. And tow we did.
    Following a short lesson on sailplane position and radio switch location, each pilot was allowed to make there first tow. I can't tell you the excitement I feel when the pilot starts looking around for a trainer cord. Not necessary I tell them. Just talk to your tow pilot and tell him what you need. Then without any delay I tell the tow pilot "Go". As soon as the sailplane starts to move I start talking to the pilot and instruct him on the proper position then we start a turn over the valley. This is usually where a beginner can get into trouble. But with some simple instructions they get through there first turn and head for the release area. Once off tow they are free to fly around and see if they can catch the sometime elusive lift.
    As soon as we get the first pilot back to the field the line started to form.
    One pilot that I invited told me "well maybe I'll try it".
    I could not get the radio off him after his first tow. Im glad he waited till 6:30, we towed him till dark.
    Butch our tow pilot didn't stop all day. As usual his Telemaster 40 did a fine job. Last I heard he went through 2 gallons of fuel.
    The event was very well attended and just to make it a little more fun, R/C gave away a Multiplex Easy Glider Pro RR. The R/C team then built the plane and a 12 year old young man was able to make three solo flights with his own sailplane.

    What a day....

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    Re: 1st R/C Aerotowing Clinic

    Thas awesome Dave, keep up the good work.


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    Re: 1st R/C Aerotowing Clinic

    Thanks CK....
    The clinic was very well received. I just checked the RCAT web site and we have got a lot of new members because of our efforts.
    This just reinforces my beliefs that if we show people an entry level way to try aerotowing more will try it. If you think about what makes your hart pound when your flying power, it's usually when your engine quits and you only have one chance to land that plane. Sailplanes provide that excitement every time you fly. Towing just provides that excitement when you start the flight....


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