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Thread: BF-109 receiver ready battery

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    BF-109 receiver ready battery

    I ordered one of the BF-109's that are on sale $79.99 and it said comes with a 2S 7.4v 600mah battery. My question is this I have some 2S 7.4v 1000 mah batteries can I use them with this plane and will the motor and esc be fine. Thanks


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    Re: BF-109 receiver ready battery

    Hi Jim,
    I sent Robert H an email asking your question about your batteries and have not heard from him. But I think if the 1000's fit the compartment I would try them. The esc and the motor should be able to handle those batteries without incident. Just make sure the CG is correct.

    From Robert H; It should be fine provided that the plane is still balanced correctly.

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