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Thread: Senior Telemaster landing gear?

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    Senior Telemaster landing gear?


    I'm putting together my STM ARF, and have a question about the landing gear. Is it supposed to fit all the way down into the slots in the fuselage bottom? It seems like it should, but mine isn't. I cleaned all the covering out, and sort of expected it to get snugged down by the screws in the nylon plates. Thanks!

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    Re: Senior Telemaster landing gear?

    Looking at the manual it appears that the gear should fit into the slots on the bottom of the fuselage and when you put the nylon hold downs on with the screws the gear should be flush. Make sure you are putting the gear in the correct orientation so as to get them to fit properly. The manual looks as though it is fairly straight forward.

    I do not have a Telemaster so I cannot say for sure, but thats how it looks in the manual. Maybe if you look at the rest of the Telemaster forum you can send Cliff or one of the other folks a personal message and get the answer for sure that you seek.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Senior Telemaster landing gear?

    My landing gear on my Senior Telemaster goes about halfway into the fuselage. The groove depth only allows this much. No problem, that is normal. You may want to "radius" the area right next to the hole where the landing gear wire inserts into the fuselage. The wire doesn't make a right angle to prevent a weak spot, so the mounting area wood needs to be cut or filed to match that radius.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster landing gear?

    I did some filing and sanding, and got the gear to settle into the grooves much better. I wound up using a piece of light ply to cover both of the grooves, screwed it down with bigger screws, and feel lots better about the strength. I even cut out the ply in such a way that I have an extension on each side to anchor the wing struts to. I think it'll work pretty well!

    Speaking of landing gear, I'm not happy with the way the tail wheel is arranged. The wire goes through the small bushing in the mount, then the 90 degree bend goes into the rudder so the wheel can steer. The problem is that there is a lot of up and down travel of the rod through the bushing, which I figure will ruin the rudder if the tail wheel ever sttles down hard or the plane ever lands tail wheel first. I figure I can use some J-B Weld to attach a collar to the rod, which will limit the travel of the rod, and hopefully spare the rudder. Are there any other workable solutions out there?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Re: Senior Telemaster landing gear?

    Your proposed solution seems like it would work well. One thing to keep in mind is that the Telemaster design and been around and used for about 40 years. It works. I wouldn't waste too much time re-inventing the wheel here unless you are doing it for fun.

    I have about 100 flights with my Senior Telemaster now with zero problems. Since the grass I fly from is often about 4" tall (it is a real aircraft runway), I did replace the stock tail wheel with one about 1 1/4" tall. Even that probably wasn't needed as the tail lifts as soon as the throttle is applied.

    Any airplane can have a flaw from construction or design, but the Telemasters have been around so long that you can pretty much rule out design flaws. No faulty design would have survived this long. Having said that though, part of modeling is that we all enjoy doing our own little "improvements" :D


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