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Thread: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

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    Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    I am requesting some help. I own an Art-Tech Wing-Dragon slow flyer. I crashed it a year or two ago, and just recently got some parts to fix it. When I got everything all charged up and ready to fly, I pushed the throttle button on my transmitter, and about halfway up on the throttle spectrum, it dies and beeps 5 times. I took the (push) prop off and tried running it. The motor did not die but went full speed. I found that whenever the prop pushed the shaft of the motor in, it died. I'm guessing that it got ruined in the crash. It's a 30A, 400 speed class motor.

    Is this a problem with the motor? or is it in the speed controller?

    Where could I get a new motor, or speed controller?

    Is it worth putting any more money into it? I have already replaced the wing and tale section.

    If not, which new plane would you suggest for a beginner/intermediate flyer?

    Thank you for your support! I am really wanting to get back out flying again.

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    HL still sells the wing dragon and the parts so if its the motor or the controller you can still get those parts to make it work. Go to the Beginners page in the aircraft section, you will see the winged dragon for $129.99. click on "Parts & Accessories" and it will give you a list of all the parts. This is still a very good plane to learn to fly on.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    I've looked into that, but the parts are all sold out and the guy I emailed from HL told me that they don't carry it anymore. I was more wondering if there was an after-market equivalent that I could get that would fix it.

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    Okay Tim,

    Let me look into this motor replacement recommendation and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    I am not aware that HL is not going to carry the wing dragon any longer, it was the Wingo that they quit carrying, but let me check with them tomorrow morning and see what develops. I will get you some information......

    I have been told that the J5 cub is also a very good beginners airplane, and the fact that you can add the ailerons on it would make a very good intermediate airplane as well. If you have your own radio and receiver you can get the receiver ready version for $149.99, just add your own radio. Thats a pretty good price.


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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    The motor can be replaced with FK5202. (long can 400) You can also upgrade to the brushless power system if you like. The WingDragon HL ESC, Motor, Mount, and Prop will fit the older design.

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    Thanks! One question though.. Is there another resource to get that motor (FK5202), Robert H? HL seems to be sold out.. unless I am looking in the wrong section all together.

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    Good news! I got the new motor, but before I installed it, I left the battery charging overnight for my plane. Problem fixed! :) Thanks for all your help!!

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    You are very welcome..

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    Where did you get the motor i think that is the one I am looking for is it direct drive and brushless?

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    Re: Help!!!!!! Art-Tech Wing-Dragon

    Quote Originally Posted by marko
    Where did you get the motor i think that is the one I am looking for is it direct drive and brushless?

    Sorry, it was a brushed motor....

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