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Thread: SebArt MiG-29 3D at SEFF

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    SebArt MiG-29 3D at SEFF

    Hey, I saw some videos of the demonstration at SEFF ... very impressive!

    Were the planes flown ARF stock, or were parts upgraded? What batteries were used?

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    Re: SebArt MiG-29 3D at SEFF

    Hi, I flew it at SEFF for the demos. It was completely stock as it will come out of the box. I used Thunder Power 4S 3850mAH 65C packs. You get a little over 3 minutes, but man what fun. Lots of power to play with and super stable with the gyro on for harrier/hover flight. It should be available soon.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: SebArt MiG-29 3D at SEFF

    Hi Jason,
    Do you think that the Sebart Mig 29 can accomodate the Thunderpower 4S 4400mah instead of the 3850, in termas of additionnal weight and size?



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    Re: SebArt MiG-29 3D at SEFF

    You might end up a little nose heavy, but there is a good bit of room for the battery area. The 3850's are not all the way back so you might be able to do it.


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