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Thread: battery chargers

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    battery chargers

    I'am a beginner and just got my 1st heli the blade cx2 it use's the 7.4 volt 2-cell lipo What is a good charger that will charge 4 to 6 batterys at one time,should I spend my money on a high dollar charger or get a cheaper one and add a balancing board to do more batterys? HELP.

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    Re: battery chargers

    This really a hard question to answer...
    You will need to decide what type electric aircraft you are going to get next and also decide how large of aircraft you will be flying in the future. Once you have figured that out I would buy the one that would meet most of my needs.
    Chargers are being modified all the time and knowing which to buy is not an easy task to undertake. If you just get one for your current need then you will end up getting another one later anyway, because battery size will undoubtdly keep you upsizing.

    I know this doesn't answer your question but I hope it helps.


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