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Thread: AMA membership

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    AMA membership

    My question is this: Is that membership fee for the AMA a yearly fee or is it a one time fee? I am a disabled Viet Nam veteran on a SEVERELY limited income. I would like to join the AMA so,if I can find a way to get there I can fly at the local club's field. If that is a yearly amount there is no way I can afford that and the club dues both.I have no means of transportation because my disability disqualifies me for a drivers license. I live in an smallish Iowa town where the buses are few and the routes are severely limited.

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    Re: AMA membership

    I don't know what fee you were looking at but there is a yearly fee and a lifetime fee, and a Park Pilot fee for AMA. I would suggest you actually talk with someone from the RC flying club, let them know your situation and your interests in flying rc aircraft. They should have some way for you to become a member without the high fees. Check the internet for Veterans orginizations in your area and also see if they can't give you a hand with the costs. There are many Vet orgs that would help you I beleive, you just have to convey your interest in the hobby and your limitations.

    Hope this gives you some ideas,


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