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Thread: I have a special R/C engine

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    I have a special R/C engine

    I found a r/c drone that is as a target for anti aircraft missles. :o It was only flown once.
    Its in perfect condition! How cpould I find out how much its worth. Its a MQM 170A outlaw by Griffon Aerospace.
    Its supposed to go about 120 mph. I am hopeing you could tell me what Could get for the motor??
    I dont have a clue.
    Everyone keeps telling me to put it on ebay but I would like to know a price range.
    Thanks for any and all help :D

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    Re: I have a special R/C engine

    Thats a pretty neat find, however we do not get into those types of aircraft..Therefore I would have no idea as to its worth. You would have to find a museum or other aircraft collector to look at it and give you an idea as to the worth.
    The other place I would try first is the Experimental Aircraft Association and Museum to see if they can help or even the Smithsonian could probably help you in this I would guess.

    Some of our Radio control aircraft may be pretty large but they are not yet in the rehlm of drones..

    Sorry I couldn't give you more help on this,

    Colorado kid

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    Re: I have a special R/C engine

    All I have is the back half of the drone, the part that has the motor.
    The specs i got from Griffon Aero is its a 150: 2 cylinder 2 stroke 3 W model take 50:1 fuel oil mix
    The drone has a 14 foot wing span and goes 120mph
    I saw the guys flying them and they were useing the same type of control rc flyers use.
    A friend of mine played a little with RC cars and said that this is the same type of engine just SUPER powerful.
    I thought it would be perfect for one of those large scale rc planes ???
    This aint no "old school drone" from the 70's this thing looks just the same as the UAV's you see on the news.
    The wooden prop on the engine is about 2 foot long.
    Its the same motor I see on the r/c web sites.... only bigger than most.

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    Re: I have a special R/C engine

    Perhaps you should try, This a much larger forum with more diverse pilots and interests than this one. I'm sure there some folks on this forum that might have some ideas where to look but I'm not versed in this type engines.

    I'm sorry LeeBo, most of the folks on this forum are using electric motors and batteries, and even though we do sell a few nitro engines thats not our format..


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    Re: I have a special R/C engine

    cool thanks 8-)

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