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Thread: Vector thrust mix programming futaba 10C

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    Vector thrust mix programming futaba 10C

    I just purchased the eRC F/A 18E Super Hornet 90mm ARF Jet. Would you happen to know how to program the TV for this radio,step by step.

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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming futaba 10C

    Perhaps someone on the forum will own a futaba 10C and give you hand with programming. I use a Dx7. Here is an explanation of how the TV should work by Jason Cole.

    Aux1 (flap) has the up/down TV plugged into it
    Aux 2 has the left/right TV plugged into it

    Start with programmable mix 1:
    Make elevator the master and aux1(flap) the slave channel and make your values 100% on the top and bottom. Select a switch if you want to be able to turn off the mix. Make sure it is on and move the elevator. TV unit should be moving up and down with the elevator. If it moves together with the elevator you are done with that mix. If it moves opposite of the elevator, reverse the values, so if you put +100, put it at -100.

    Program mix 2:
    Do the same as above but make rudder the master and Aux2 the slave channel this time. Set the values and switch like before and move the rudder stick to verify that the TV unit works with the rudder. If it moves in the opposite direction, reverse the values to change the direction of movement

    Hope that helps.



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