I was flying this morning before the sun came up all the way and finally found out just exactly what the range is on my first Micro Stik. I'd guage it right at 150 to 200 feet line of sight. That was about my altitude and distance when my Stik went unresponsive on me. Of course at that altitude there as a bit more wind and it carried the plane even farther and the glide slope was fantastic, nice and long. Unfortunately since I couldn't manuver the plane it descended into an oak tree and stuck there in the limbs about 25 feet above the ground. :(

I have a total of 159 flights on both of my MIcro Stiks giving a total of 29.15 hours in the air with them. When broken down I found I had 103 flights on this particular plane making my flight time of 18.88 hours on it and this is the first time I ran out of range. I always set my timer to 11 minutes and usually go at least an extra minute getting down to land.

Being the clever cuss that I used to be... I got one of my air soft carbines and tried to shoot the little limbs away that were holding the plane. Of course that didn't work so I got one of my BB guns and tried again. I'd like to say I shot the limbs away in just a couple of shots but you know it'd be lie. After about 50 shots the plane was loosened enough that when I applied the throttle it came flying out of the tree!!! :D

When I landed the wheels broke off and I noticed several holes in my horizonal stabilizer and elevator. I'd also put 2 BB's through the propeller and bent the shaft. A BB had broken the wheel holder where it joins the main central shaft of the plane. Thank goodness for CA glue and Zip Kicker! I even managed to repair the tail plane with foam safe CA glue and clear packing tape. My spare parts "bag" had a new shaft and propeller in it so they were repaired also.

After repairs in the "hanger" I took it back outside and hooked up the battery and tossed the little rascal into the air and it flew better than before it went it's own way. I also changed the batteries in my TX suspecting that low voltage may have been the short range "bug". The batteries now get changed when they drop to 3.6 volts, just to be safe.

I sure like these planes. I hope my wife buys me an Albatros for our 37th anniversary next week. All I need to do is click my ruby slippers together and it'll happen, right?! Problem is, I don't have any ruby slippers. Anybody at Hobby Lobby got a pair I could borrow? ;)

PS... somebody must have had a pair of those slippers. :mrgreen: