Purchase the Rebel 70 Sport ARF This Weekend,
Get a FREE 4-Cell 14.8V 2100mAh 20C LiPo!

Rebel 70 Sport ARF - Performance you want, at a price you want - $199.99
The Rebel 70 was conceived with the sport pilot in mind. You asked for quality and performance, and a great price. eRC is here for you with a great looking jet that is both fun and exhilarating to fly. The Rebel 70 is built from tough EPO foam and comes with the decals pre-applied so you can get right to the assembly.

Now through Monday, March 28 purchase the Rebel 70 Sport ARF, Get a FREE Powerwing 4-Cell 14.8V 2100mAh 20C LiPo - A $27.99 Value

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