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Thread: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

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    Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503


    I have a lot of edf jet experience but not in vectored thrust. Looking to purchase the F-35 Lightning II 70mm model and notice in the pdf Instruction manual a nice step by step pictoral for setting up the vector thrust Mixes required for the Spectrum DX-7 radio transmitter. I currently have stepped up to the JR X9503 radio transmitter from the 6Xi and was wondering if there was a pictoral tutoral to guide me through the set up on the JR?

    I have kind of scrolled around the menus and although I see screens and options that are similar to the DX-7 I am somewhat daunted by all the a phrase; I'm lost wandering around in the dark. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

    Hey Doug,
    No pics for that, but it's all really simple once you break it down into 2 parts for the F-35.

    Aux1 (flap) has the up/down TV plugged into it
    Aux 2 has the left/right TV plugged into it

    Start with programmable mix 1:
    Make elevator the master and aux1(flap) the slave channel and make your values 100% on the top and bottom. Select a switch if you want to be able to turn off the mix. Make sure it is on and move the elevator. TV unit should be moving up and down with the elevator. If it moves together with the elevator you are done with that mix. If it moves opposite of the elevator, reverse the values, so if you put +100, put it at -100.

    Program mix 2:
    Do the same as above but make rudder the master and Aux2 the slave channel this time. Set the values and switch like before and move the rudder stick to verify that the TV unit works with the rudder. If it moves in the opposite direction, reverse the values to change the direction of movement.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

    Thanks J, it does make (more) sense now. I think I was making it out harder than it actually is.

    The pdf manual referenced a first step; "Inhibit the Flap and Aux2 functions........ that threw me as I interpreted that as disabling the channels. It's not, it's just disabling the switches on the trans. ? They still function as channels, but are now part of the Flap/Elevator, Aux2/Rudder mix activated now by another switch ( think I'll use the 'Mix' toggle on the X9503).

    Other friends who fly TV actually toggle the rudder and elevator mixes of the TV separately with the Flap and Aux2 switches. Not sure why they would want to do that, but it just served to confuse me. The manual also gave instructions for Expo and D/R values. I understand those options well, and although important to the flight characteristics in the TV mode, for some reason thought it was part of the 'mix' itself. It's not, they are separate control parameters............

    I'm going to order the plane...........

    Thanks for the prompt reply,


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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

    Good deal. Let me know if you get stuck when you get it. I'd be happy to help.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

    Great! And thanks..................

    I ordered the F-35 last night and spent a lot of time with the X9503 manual.

    If anyone else has been following this thread be aware and know; The JR X9503 trans. has six programmable mixers (all accessed through the LIST menu). Mixes 3-6 are STANDARD mixes and are very simple to program. The screen is very self explanatory to Jason's recommendation(s) above, easy peasy. Mixes 1-2 however (the screens I brought up initially) are more sophisticated "Multi-Point" mixes that can control the 'curve' of the slaves' throw in both speed and expo throughout the servo arm's arc and can actually deviate from one way linear motion. These mixes are more useful to 3-D and pattern guys who are familiar with terms; Roll-Coupling, Pitch-Coupling, Pulling out on down lines, etc............not me boss, just want the TV to wiggle with the tail plane..............

    K, when I get the plane together, and if I get jammed up I'll give you a hollar J..............



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    Re: Vector thrust mix programming JR X9503

    No problem. The first two mixes can work just like the others. You don't put any values in for the middle points, but only assign the top and bottom points a 100% number. That way it works linearly like normal.


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