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Thread: Rebinding process for Wind Dragon

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    Rebinding process for Wind Dragon

    Hi - Today we successfully followed directions and managed to connect battery and receiver, but after a couple battery changes, we seem to have disconnected the receiver and transmitter. The binding process as described in the manual is a bit unclear with some interesting grammar, so I wonder if you can describe how to go about rebinding. Thanks Joe

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    Re: Rebinding process for Wind Dragon

    Give this a try.

    1. Push the bind button in on the transmitter and then turn on the transmitter.
    2. Plug the flight battery into the ESC to power on the receiver.
    3. Put the Bind Plug into the BATT channel slot on the receiver.
    4. Push the bind button in again on the transmitter to put the radio into work mode.
    5. Pull the Bind Plug out of the receiver and you're done.


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