I just bought a used electric RC Super Dimona which I'll fly later today if the wind settles down.

Thank you all for the good information on this forum.

The information on the CG and flight control throws was critical. Luck favors the educated.

The word "educate" comes from two Latin roots: "Ex" and "Duct..." "Ex" translates "from" and "duct" is "to lead" so to educate actually means, not to learn something new, but to "lead away from." It is harder to let go of old ideas than to learn new ones!

A joke definition of the word "genius" is "someone who learns from someone else's mistake!"

Having read this forum, my ideas are changed, the probability of a successful flight is increased, and, thank goodness, I get to learn from other people's mistakes before I make my own. :)

Thanks, forum!